Hello my name is Jolanta Ożdżyńska [ɔʐdʐɨɲska]

I'm a graphic designer passionate about good clear, functional design, with a strong belief in power of visual communication.

My design philosophy is combining usability, accessibility and information design into graphics.
I consider design as a success even if it goes unnoticed, but still gets user from point A to B.

I find dirty joy in complex, strictly consistent projects, as well as in those more bright and fun. 
During my creative process I’m not afraid of going oldschool with paper and pencil.

Graduated in 2010 from Art Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, MA in Visual Communication. 
I also had an opportunity to study Graphic Design in Aalto University Helsinki, Finland. 


corporate identity / branding / UI/UX / pictograms / map design / infographics / illustration / web design / pattern design / wayfinding


Adobe Illustrator / Adobe InDesign / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Muse / Sketch / InVision / Adobe After Effects

Ministry of Finance Poland, Polish Ministry of Tresury, Wola Park Shopping Center, Arad Shopping Center, Borek Shopping Center, Riviera Shopping Center Gdynia, Victoria Shopping Center Bucharest, Business Garden Warsaw, 4105.eu (Toruń Hospital identity & wayfinding design), Azyl Cafe, TZA architects, Uglymited, SnowShow, Zimno, FOM architecture festival, Motoeye app, AlertBasket app, Hop Cycling

fell free to contact me:
0048 601 961 905